The boy who brings me flowers……

I was not a very patient mom today. I mean I had my great moments. Like when we went to the pediatrician’s office for Summer Grace’s fever. And while we were waiting the 15 minutes for the strep test results, I found every single scab, old scar, and bruise on Summer Grace and Lucas. And that was funny, because they had to make up a lot of stories for the “old forgotten wounds”.

AND I discovered they each have a hole in their stomach!!

They said it was something called a “belly button”. Yeah. So whatever. It looked dangerous to me.

But oh man. I had a few too many bad ones, where I let my impatience make me into a mean sounding mommy.

I actually just laid on the couch and cried at around 5pm, because I was so tired of being impatient and mean sounding to everyone. I really hate my womanly hormones. And I hate using that as an excuse, but it really was my problem today. So I am re-thinking this whole womanly life I am stuck in.

But Joseph says I would make a horrible man because I wouldn’t want to execute someone by cutting their head off and I hate the word fart.

And Lucas brought me two flowers today. One was a wild daisy and the other was a clover. He is sweet. And he is a boy. And I am going to teach him that cutting heads off is wrong. Because someone has to stop the cycle. 😉

So for now, I am going to soldier on as a Gentle Parent. Today I messed up alot. But I am not going to give up.

Someone has to teach the world that the word fart is inappropriate. And this whole “belly button” problem needs to be solved too.

The boy who brings me flowers….

Lucas at OceanDr


About The Bonded Mom

I am on the journey of gentle parenting. I am a lover of Christ. And I am raising warriors. More specifically, I am a stay at home mom with 3 children. My daughter, Kamryn, is 13 and she was born to me as a single mom. My daughter Summer Grace is 7 and my son Lucas is 3. My heart has always been into Attachment Parenting, before I even knew what it was. I have extended breastfed all my children and allowed them to self-wean. We have always allowed co-sleeping and my two oldest children willingly moved to their own rooms to sleep with no problems, when they were ready. Being a mom is the best part of me, outside of my love for Christ. My husband works as a driver for UPS. He is an amazing man who works so hard to provide for us. We are just a normal family trying to make ends meet and raise a family centered on God's Love.
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2 Responses to The boy who brings me flowers……

  1. paula says:

    your little one is so cute!!!

    Be encouraged! we all have those “i feel like a mommy failure” days. thankfully, God has grace for us, AND for our kiddos when we make mistakes. âĪ there is always tomorrow, His mercies are new then. You love your kiddos so much, and they know that, even when you have trouble showing them. AND you are trying to improve. baby steps 😉

    • Thank you! I can be hard on myself. But I am able to see the positive side of how I am improving. I think the best change I have made so far, is I am learning to step back and stop mid-sentence, apologize, and start over. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it is becoming more common for me. It is so hard though to screw it up. :/ Thanks for the encouragement and comment 🙂

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