Can You Pray on Scraped Knees?

Last night, my 7 year old, Summer Grace, was riding her bike with her cousin. She turned a corner too fast and the next second, she was face down on the pavement. I knew what was coming. So I immediately put down my book and started walking to her.

Crying! Panic! Near Hysteria! “MOM, I CAN’T EVEN FEEL MY BONES!”

I scoop her up (which is no easy feat these days. She is just right, but she IS seven) and we go to the trauma center (aka, my bathroom).

It was such a yucky scrape. One of those kinds that will hurt for more than a day. I bandaged her up, wiped her tears, and told her even though her bones were numb O.0 she could go play again.

As she walked away, I felt so bad for her. Haven’t we all had a scrape like this? The kind where everytime you bend your knee, you feel a little pain. And well, as you know, it is a little hard to walk without bending your knees. Unless of course you are a penguin. Summer Grace is not a penguin.

But she did it, she walked. She gathered up her strength and her bones, and went on to play. She did some hopping instead walking at times, but she soldiered on.

Then I had a thought…..

What kind of strength, what kind of heart, did it take for Mary to stand there while Jesus was dying on the cross?

Just typing that sentence brings tears to my eyes.

I would have collapsed.

I would have charged that cross and torn it down.

But then again, that is why I am Summer Grace’s  mom and not Jesus’ mom. God chose Mary. Because somehow, someway, she was able to stand there and just be a presence.

If she had allowed HER worldly desires to win over God’s desires, Jesus would have still died on that cross for our sins. But what would be different is that Mary’s strength of character and her loyalty to God would not be her  legacy.

Mary did not watch her son, her Savior, die on that cross because she was cowardly. She stayed because she knew this was God’s will and she was determined to be a presence for her son, her Savior. She was there when He was born, and she would not leave His side as He died for her sins.

Sometimes that is all our children need. Our presence. God is working in your life. But it is much easier to forget He is also working in our children’s life. It is so hard to stand back and observe, relinquish control. But sometimes that is what we are called to do. And when we are walking with God in our everyday lives, it sure makes it easier to know where we are truly needed or where only our presence is needed.

So seek Him daily, through pray and His Word. Talk to Him like you talk to yourself. Constantly in your head have an ongoing prayer. Everyday pray for your children, your family, that they will have what it takes, that they will have the heart, to make their life about God.

And when you see a mom consistently living and praying in God’s will, you will see her children also living in His will.

Pray is powerful force. EVERYDAY pray for your children.

Psalm 127:1

Unless the Lord builds the house,

those who build it labor in vain.

Let God build your house. Sure, you can build it without Him. You can even be successful in this world without Him. But we are not of this world. We are of God’s world. So your labor, your parenting, will NOT BE IN VAIN if you let God build your house.

With God in charge of the building, you feel His presence. And oh man, it is better than any worldly prize. His presence is so warm, so comforting. The kind of Love that makes you feel like your chest could explode because you feel so protected and loved.

So let’s remember as moms, to take a step back before barging into our children’s moments. And ask ourselves, and ask God, does my child need my help or my presence?

You can be the mom you were meant to be , the one you need to be, the one you dream of being. You will mess it up and “scrape your knees”. But don’t give up.

Because nothing can ever STOP you from praying. Not even scraped knees.

SG smile


About The Bonded Mom

I am on the journey of gentle parenting. I am a lover of Christ. And I am raising warriors. More specifically, I am a stay at home mom with 3 children. My daughter, Kamryn, is 13 and she was born to me as a single mom. My daughter Summer Grace is 7 and my son Lucas is 3. My heart has always been into Attachment Parenting, before I even knew what it was. I have extended breastfed all my children and allowed them to self-wean. We have always allowed co-sleeping and my two oldest children willingly moved to their own rooms to sleep with no problems, when they were ready. Being a mom is the best part of me, outside of my love for Christ. My husband works as a driver for UPS. He is an amazing man who works so hard to provide for us. We are just a normal family trying to make ends meet and raise a family centered on God's Love.
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4 Responses to Can You Pray on Scraped Knees?

  1. What a great story. I love how you tied it in with Mary and inner strength. Really glad you commented on my blog because it caused me to visit you. 🙂 And yes, we can pray on skinned knees

    • thank you so much for visiting my page and commenting. I really loved your post too and can’t wait to read more. And post more myself 🙂 Oh and I have already been praying my thoughts of Joseph, my husband. I know as I keep it up, it will do great things for our marriage.

  2. I love this so much. What a great visual. I was so concerned with your daughter’s scraped knees and then I teared up thinking about Mary watching Jesus on the cross. I couldn’t imagine. Wonderful, wonderful post!!

    • Awwww, thank you for your comment. So happy you enjoyed it. On a side note, I was looking at Summer Grace’s knees last night, and that girl has more bruises and scrapes. Learning to ride a bike is such hard work. Need to get that girl some knee pads 🙂

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